New age revolutions around the world

The debate about net neutrality across the globe has resulted in people from different walks of life uniting for a common cause. The concerted efforts of citizens from different countries to preserve and protect a basic tenet of the internet can be likened to those undertaken by participants of revolutions from years gone by. It would be accurate to say that the fight for net neutrality has spawned new age revolutions in different parts of the world. In Brazil, the adoption of the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet law was a major victory for the cause. In 2012, Netherlands became the first European country to enact a law that guarantees net neutrality. There have significant changes to the Constitution in the USA that promote the concept as well. Social media has been instrumental in canvassing support for net neutrality. Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook are some of the social media platforms on which discussion has been rife regarding the steps that can be taken to influence government decisions as it pertains to neutrality of data on the internet. People have been making sure that their voices are heard in more ways than one. On September 10th, 2014, many websites in the USA staged denial of service attacks on themselves as a sign of protest against corporations such as AT&T who they believed were trying to go against net neutrality. This was done to show people how a slow internet would look if net neutrality was done away with and preferential treatment of data took its place. Through these sort of innovative protests, internet users the world over have forced companies and governments to rethink their position on neutrality. The revolution is well and truly underway.


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