Broadband and Change

Many things have changed over the past few decades and the internet is a platform that has been home to perhaps, the biggest transformation. Internet has become an essential need nowadays. We get a lot of information from the internet. It has become a medium of communication, business, entertainment etc. We can actually split mankind into two eras: one before the internet and one after it. We can hardly imagine our lives without it now. We all remember the dial-up connections that took forever to load an image. Now that we have broadband connectivity, everything on the internet is available to us at lightening speeds. According to a study, around 40% of the world population has internet connectivity today. In 1995 it was less than 1%. Among them, China has the highest number of internet users with 46% of the population having access to the internet. United States and India are ranked second and third respectively. Another study found that consumers are increasingly growing closer to multiple media, and are turning to the web for deeper content, entertainment and communication without forsaking other media. Broadband allows consumers to get full, comprehensive stories from multiple media forms and sources. It plays a key role in integrating information and entertainment experiences in general. Broadband consumers download or watch two or three times more than dial-up users. Can you imagine yourself without being to stream whatever video you want to within seconds? We can’t. Broadband has made it much easier for us. It has a high speed upload and download speed. Broadband has also affected the economy as well. If you have a reputed business, high speed internet is not just an option- it is mandatory. It also allows us to benefit from better healthcare. We can gain access to information related to healthcare or consult an online physician. A World without broadband cannot be thought of in this digital era.


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