Quick Way to Solve the Spectrum Problem in Africa

Staying connected with the world is a being’s basic right for survival and development. In the times of technology, when physical interactions are going down, technology enabled devices like mobile phones are playing a major role in helping people strike a balance between their professional and personal life by staying connected with their loved ones.

But even after decades of technological advancement, this necessity has not been made available to several people in Africa. In a time when people are making use of technology to achieve milestones in their life, keeping people away from the basic facilities is unacceptable.

The spectrum, i.e., the bandwidth of waves available for use to the public is significantly narrow and cannot accommodate the entire population of Africa. Also, the carriers are charging a hefty price for the below average services offered to people.

In such a situation, it is the common people who have to suffer and live in inhuman conditions. To solve this problem, Steve Jong has designed a device called Mesh Potato under his project Village Telco, to provide everyone with spectrum.

Mesh Potato is a small tower unit that can be installed at any private unit and be used to make free calls to anyone on the same network. Also, it uses low frequency radiations which are less harmful and amplifies the signal in low-network area on its own.

It also benefits people as it never goes out of network and comes as a one-time investment only. Private organizations and educational institutions can set up their own network using this device.


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