5 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew about Spectrum

These little cute things called cell phones are an undivided part of our lives. (Maybe a part of our bodies also, did you know it’s known as a third limb). Being the twinkle in our eyes and sitting comfortably right in the middle of our palms, still there is a lot to the cell phone world which is oblivious to our naked eyes (vision). You will be shocked to know these unbelievable facts about our beloved mobile phones which are getting revealed here:

  1. There are 4 billion people who take help of a mobile phone in their daily lives but only 3.5 billion people who use tooth brush. So that makes 0.5 billion people using a cell phone with dirty teeth and bad breath. Eeeuuu….
  2. Do you keep all the hygiene while using a toilet? Well, you need to be more cautious while using a phone as it deposits 18 times more germs than a toilet seat.
  3. Forget about the huge mobile bills that you need to pay at the end of every month. The highest mobile bill was worth 142,000 pounds by Celina Aarons.
  4. Don’t underestimate the super power that lies in the tiny touch buttons of your phone. Your device can compute more than the Apolo 11 for landing on the moon. So are you ready to discover your own private planet yet?
  5. Oxford dictionary is thinking of accommodating a few diseases names to it which are a gift from the mobile spectrum. These newly found ailments are ringxiety, nomophobia, telephonophobia and frigensophobia.

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