Tips About Voice Spectrum

How to make the most out of voice spectrum

Voice frequency or voice spectrum is amidst one of the most important frequencies which is used in transmitting the speech of voice packets from one device to another. The analog signals are sent in the form of voice and data packets and decoded at the receivers end. Mobile devices act as the decoders for these voice signals by using voice frequency decoding. The usable range of voice spectrum or voice frequency ranges from 300 hertz to 3400 hertz. Voice spectrums can be easily filtered using wide range of tools. It is mostly done during the voice mixing process and is used by musicians. One of the best tips to overcome low voice frequency range is by using filter cut on the microphone. Voice frequencies can be artificially altered using a number of channels. Installing a good quality voice enhancer can help in the process. This is the reason why telecom companies use signal enhancer at BTS to ensure that voice signals do not deteriorate while travelling from one BTS to another.

Rounding the vocals

Telecommunication companies often use sound boxes and signal repeaters to ensure that no data packets are lost during the communication process. There are some people who experience more sibilance as compared to others and in order to overcome this issue, telecom companies often try to keep the communication in 7 kilohertz channel. Speech voice is different from a singing voice however the voice of humans can be classified by utilizing the boosted areas in voice frequency. Four major formants namely F1 to F4 are used in the process of vowel recognition however only F1 and F2 play and important role during the voice acknowledgment process. Voice frequency or voice spectrum is also compressed by using signal compression tools to ensure that they travel without latency in the network.


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