Voice Spectrum in a 100 years

The recent years have seen a steep rise in the number of mobile and internet users across the globe. The smartphones have made life very easy for use by offering seamless connectivity round the clock. However, in order to meet with the growing demand unlimited radio spectrum might be needed in the future. Therefore the government as well as telecom service providers will have to work in collaboration in order to meet the growing demand of the users. The future technology in voice spectrum should have answer to the most basic questions.

The scenario after 100 years

We can only imagine what things would be like after 100 years but one thing is for sure that every person on the earth will have seamless connectivity. We are living in generation of 3G , 4G and 5G networks but our future generation will have 1000 times better networks. The whole paradigm of voice spectrum will change in the few decades since breathtaking technological advancements are taking place every year. May be in the next 50 to 60 years, mobile devices will be obsolete and people will use virtual devices for communication. We can only expect that the technology after 100 year will be so advanced that a single voice spectrum will be capable of handling 100 million users. Basic connectivity issues such as call drops and low connectivity will be obsolete terms and people will enjoy a much better telecommunication system. The rate at which we are making progress in mobile and wireless communication, it is unimaginable where we will be after 100 years. The technology might be so advanced that we will be able to move forward and backward in time by using wireless spectrum. One thing is for sure that we will be able to harness the technology in the best possible way.


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