The Low Down on Spectrum Exposed in Nigeria

Spectrum basically refers to a collection of various types of electromagnetic radiations of different wavelengths. As there is no straight ownership of these spectrums (as we cannot justify who owns the electromagnetic radiations up there in the sky) by any private parties, mobile service providers have to buy licenses from governments to run their operations in the particular country. Nigeria, being a part of third world countries, is quite new to the whole system of mobile spectrum and the technology that goes in.

  1. Mobile service providers need to by license from the government to be able to work in the country and use the resources. As the license rates imposed by the Government in South Africa are rocket high, the service providers are left with little funds to build up their own networks. The direct impact goes on the  consumers in the form of high service tariffs.
  2. As the mobile industry is in its introduction phase in Nigeria, the demand for the service is rapidly growing across the continent. However instead of the escalating demands, the rates are not getting any cheaper.
  3. Different modes of communication devices like phones, base lines, tablets, broadband are asking for more spectrum to be covered in satisfy the arousing need. The inefficiency of the Government to pass on the facility to the service providers hampers the opportunity of connecting to the world at large.
  4. As the general rule of demand and supply goes, this scene not only creates costly connectivity but also a blurred one. Millions of people and tiniest of the spectrum allocated is of course faulting the quality and experience of getting connected.
  5. Weather it is the inefficiency or redtapism or mere stupidity of the Government to understand the hand of mobile webs in the proposed exponential growth of their country, the ultimate victim of the whole scam remains a common man in the nation.

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