Experiencing Call Drop? We’ll Tell You Why


You were talking to your boss and suddenly your call got disconnected? Or you were in the middle of very important conversation but you then realise your call has been dropped mid way? These are some of the common scenarios these days.

While mobile companies are charging huge amount for call plans, the worst thing they are offering is the call drop. This is a problem observed across almost every network due to failure of the companies to provide adequate signals.

Reasons for Call Drop Though this is a critical problem but one of the reasons behind this issue is that mobile phone towers are believed to emit hazardous electromagnetic rays which could cause cancer. Mobile telephony hugely depends on these towers but due to their reduction, the problem of call drop is widespread. Another reason for call drop is you might enter a region which is a ‘dead zone’. By dead zone, I mean an area with no signal coverage. We happen to go such areas often, for instance, rural areas. And what we encounter often are the frequent ‘call drops’. Besides this, if there is certain construction work happening around in your area, call drops are common. This is due to the fact construction material tends to interfere with the signals.

Fixing Call Drop If you’ve been experiencing above mentioned problems often, try these ways:

  1. A cell phone signal booster can help which facilitate the user with good cell phone signals.
  2. Switch to another cell phone carrier.

Bottom Line These two ways can indeed help. However, call drop is a bane especially when you’re on an important call and restricting signals hamper your conversation. It is up to government to introduce ways to set up towers and cope with the problem of call drop.


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