The Growing Menace of Call Drops

Have to bear the brunt as the vexed problem of call drops doesn’t go away?

Well, beyond a shadow of a doubt, just about everyone has had the annoyance of making use of the cell phone for a very important call and having the signal suddenly drop.

The issue of call drops has been plaguing mobile subscribers in recent times. The menace of failed, as well as dropped calls is increasing and has become a highly debated issue.

Here is why your mobile calls drop:

  • Lack of network infrastructure: One of the reasons why calls drop so frequently is the lack of network infrastructure like the cell towers and spectrum availability.
  • Reluctance of Telcos to make adequate investments: Most telecom operators are burdened with high debts and therefore, are unwilling to make investments that can bear and maintain the increasing voice traffic.
  • Radiation Fears: This is one of the major concerns adding to the customers’ woes. Most Telcos claim that a lot of residential welfare associations, especially in metropolitan cities, are against establishment of cell towers due to fear of harmful radio wave signals emitted by these towers.

The problem of frequently occurring call drops or failure seems to have annoyed many and experts argue that such an issue cannot be resolved in a jiffy.

However, here are some ways that operators can consider and government can lend sufficient support to:

  • Optimise the networks and enhance planning technique: By adopting Self-Organizing Networks (SONs) and better planning techniques like GIS for network planning and 3D map data for gauging changing cityscapes, Telcos can realign the network accordingly.
  • Setting up of boosters: Establishment of cell phone network boosters on buildings can also help in solving the issue.

The telecom operators and the government can surely team up for bringing in ways to improve the network infrastructure thereby curbing the problem of dropped calls.


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