Policy Recommendations

The Wireless Planning and Coordination wing (WPC) of the Ministry of Communications should make more unlicensed bands available for internet and multimedia to fuel innovation and efficient spectrum utilization. Unlicensed bands need to be allocated in bigger chunks in various slots as is the prevailing trend in various international markets.

Frequencies in the 5.15 GHz-5.35 GHz bands, as well as 5.725-5.775 GHz bands are unlicensed for indoor use only. These bands should be unlicensed for outdoor use as well in order to facilitate the creation of wider wireless communication networks and the use of innovative technologies.

There should be more unlicensed spectrum in the 2.4 GHz range, beyond what is already unlicensed, for the expansion of wireless communication networks.

The1800-1890 MHz band, which is earmarked for the operations of low power cordless communication in India, should be unlicensed in line with international practices. Many bands for this use have already been unlicensed in Europe and the United States.

The 433-434 MHz band should be unlicensed for data telemetry as it is done in many countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, countries in the European Union and New Zealand.

Experimentation/trials for new technologies and applications in all of the above candidate bands should be permitted on licence-exempt basis immediately in order to facilitate innovation and application development.


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