Infringing Internet Users’ freedom of Speech and Expression

Freedom of speech has been an issue which people have pursued for decades and while Web Neutrality offered a new dimension linked to marketing, the internet is also influencing today. This has resulted in infringing web user freedom of speech where internet users are now being limited from accessing certain facilities and features. It makes it important for all internet users to petition their strength and power behind rejecting the proposition and restrictions since this will only result in affecting freedom even further.

Freedom of expression and speech is every individual’s fundamental right but corporates have begun influencing the internet where speech and freedom on the internet are not as they were in the past. Today freedom of speech and the use of the internet are being influenced by corporates who are blocking small users which are greatly affecting how business is being performed on the internet. The Certain government are also adopting these regulations which have begun seriously affecting internet usage and freedom where individuals are unable to access many services simply due to government regulations restricting access to the websites. This may have been enforced to improve performance but it’s important to remember that certain cervices are best left along to prevent them being affected negatively.

The Internet offered immense freedom to users which resulted in greatly improving the small and medium business person’s performance. Restricting business performance will only result in seriously affecting business performance which will result on the internet gradually adopting corporate influence in the same way that television has experienced influenced. This would limit information accessing the public which is also an infringement of their rights thus making it vital that the individual secure the required approaches so as to develop the most suitable approaches and biggest benefits.


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