Restriction Blocking Access to Internet Resources

Web neutrality is a major concern and requirement by internet users and it has become very important that web neutrality is practiced and maintained. The internet has grown to be a significant and immense well of resource and it has become important to keep this resource free and available for all people. Recent moves have resulted in nations like India implementing restrictions which have resulted in affecting internet usage and material access on the websites. The new regulations have resulted in seriously affecting access to important online resources which has infringed internet user freedom.

Blocking access to certain resources online automatically results in seriously limiting every individual’s ability to perform and access genuine information. This makes it vital for all citizens to partition regarding web neutrality which will allow the individual access all internet resources freely without any form of restrictions. The implementation of restrictions will only result in seriously affecting the information shared online; allowing individuals secure the required information and acquire the desired knowledge to boost performance.

With the recent implementation of restrictions on internet access, the public is not unable to access certain sites which the government and corporates may classify as unsocial. This is not acceptable since many marketing agents are seizing this opportunity to undermine the smaller businesses. This is resulting in the damaging their competitive edge which is a major concern linked to their ability to progress and improve their operations.

This makes it important that every business considers campaigning against restriction being implemented on the internet which can result in seriously affecting competitiveness in the industry. The internet opened many opportunities for different communities thus making is important that every business considers fighting for their rights so as to ensure the individual develop a suitable competitive edge. Restriction enforced on the internet will result in seriously affecting any businesses productivity thus making is vital that every business takes suitable actions linked to preventing restrictions on the internet.


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