Digital India – The advantages and disadvantages

For making a move towards a dream of developed India, extensive steps has to be taken that will include extensive use of technology. As India is a land of huge talent and workforce, only technology can be used for making the dream come true. With the process of digitalization, students of the remotest section of the society can take dip from the ocean of knowledge. It is also being discussed that employee exchange points should be changed to career centers so that people can get the right direction of working. Measures are taken for making these centers a meeting point for jobs and candidates. When a combination of technology, process, and people will be done, this transformation will not take much time.


  • 73.26% people have said yes to apprenticeship in the year 2015 while only 55.31% said yes in the year 2014.
  • In comparison to 2014, 2015 has seen a rise in job in all the sectors, which in result has even given a growth to the salary structure. The minimum salary range for a skilled worker is now 2.6 lakhs and above.
  • A rise of 25% to 59.5% is seen in all the sectors and industries when it comes to hiring.
  • Domain wise hiring is also seeing a rise in the year 2015
  • Both male and females are provided with equal opportunities to rise and shine


  • Handling of personal data on a large number would not be possible
  • There will be a question about the vendors who will qualify towards working in the digital India program
  • Safety of digital locker system would be a question
  • Mass surveillance would not be possible
  • Basic necessities are ignored which should be treated on a priority

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