The future is with Digital India

The new government has changed the scenario and mindset of people about doing business with India as it has opened new ways and have initiated new measures for new market horizons through Digital India program where companies from across the world can come in with ease. The new Indian government is making the changes by removing the bottlenecks, which came as a hindrance in the growth of economy. Along with giving the Indian economy a boost, the Indian government is also taking various steps so that human potential of the country can be known and tapped for better performance. As “Digital Development” is now being the focus area, the section of “Digital professionals” is guided in a direction so that initiatives can be taken for better performance. In addition to this, the skilled group is even helping the unskilled people in the process of digital development so that they can enhance their potential to be employed.

Along with making different plans and structures for skilling the employable section of the society, campaigns launched by the Indian government such as Digital India is playing a pivotal role in making India a hub for the manufacturers. With such initiatives, the per capita income of the country is also increasing along with creating numerous jobs in India. For making way for economic expansion, the government is planning on urbanization and shifting its focus on export.

The industry experts have stated that the steps taken by Indian government will help in reducing the dependency ratio. As the unorganized work force will be taken into line and will be given a motive to work in the desired manner, it would be beneficial to both entrepreneur and government. Education will also be given equal importance so that a person is able to reap benefits from the skills they possess. As India is having a section in the society where nearly 90% people are in the unorganized sector of working, it is a hectic task for the Indian government to take the necessary steps and bring them into practice.


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