Net Neutrality- The Indian point of view

While looking into the telecom sector, net neutrality is the topic that is being discussed everywhere, as it has become a point of concern for both consumers and industries. Those who do not know what net neutrality is, then they should understand that it is a concept in which internet equality on basis of content available, platforms, site and user usage is in demand. The consumers and various other firms are stating that the users should not be charged separately if they are surfing for something different other than what is prescribed. However, some telecom companies are lobbying the concept of zero net neutrality because that will help them to get extra money by blocking portals and applications.

What the Indians think about net neutrality

The idea of Net Neutrality does not legitimately exist in India. Numerous a times the TRAI of India has attempted to make rules in regards to the same. Without considerable standards, the administration suppliers regularly attempt to disregard Net Neutrality. If there should be an occurrence of no Net Neutrality, the administrators will have the power to shape the internet traffic and make additional benefit from it. In addition, it likewise implies that the telecom organizations will charge web organizations to empower speedier access to their websites. Along these lines, it will likewise give a hit to the sprouting web organizations as they won’t have the capacity to pay a vast add up to the telecom companies. Finally, it will likewise go about as a hit to the Digital India activity of the Modi government, which concentrates on giving internet network to the greater part of the towns of the nation. In conclusion, Net Neutrality makes equal level of rivalry amongst different organizations. It furthermore empowers the new businesses to make new client base for them and monopoly of big players is prevented.


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