Electromagnetic Radiations from Cell Phone towers


Threat to Flora and Fauna

Did you guys ever wonder where the house sparrows have vanished? Well it’s none but the electromagnetic radiations of high frequency emitted from the mobile towers which are affecting sparrows as well as other birds and animals. A survey taken under the ministry of environment showed that the Electromagnetic radiations emitted from the cell phone towers are highly responsible for the declining number of these birds and animals. The survey also revealed the Electromagnetic radiations of high wavelength are acting as pollutants as they are affecting the lives of animals and birds on a large scale. Not only birds and animals but bees are also hit these strong tower radiations which is causing a decline in their numbers on a daily basis. This survey showed the adverse effects of the EMR emitted from towers on wildlife. To be more precise for bees, their egg production is greatly affected and the production is decreased.

The effect of these cell phone tower radiations is abundant in the African countries, mainly in Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and Kenya.The research done over there revealed that EMR is a newly recognized pollutant and thus not much research work is available for the researchers on this subject which can help them to do complex comparative studies. The research records available are the mostly about the EMR effects on humans. Few case studies have also revealed that EMR has a high impact on health and environment, behaviour, reproductive success, coordination and communication in animals and birds. Later it was decided in various countries, that the installation of the mobile towers is strictly restricted in the residential areas, national parks and sanctuaries thus ensuring the safety of animals and birds that play a major role in our ecosystem along with us. Do you really think these rules are followed by the telecommunication companies?


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