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We all have seen, experienced and been involved in feeding the never ending rivalry in between the various Telecom companies. These companies try every bit to downgrade the rest and enhance their features, expand their claims and make Ads enticing enough for the users to get trapped in their catch, all over again. To be honest, most of us have been changing plans and switching companies for several reasons, as deep down, we always understand and go by the fact that all are same!

Honestly we haven’t felt even for a single day that any certain company is better than the previous one being used. The claims they offer, but undoubtedly put the users in a dilemma and confuse them even if they are not convinced. Today in this blog, we are talking about a similar hoax been offered by Airtel. This hoax comes in the form of an Open Network Claim that would enhance their services, while the user would come to know if in case they are in an area with limited access, at least they will not call at the call centres and crib about the same.

As per the claims, Airtel launched an app to prove the Open Network hoax to be accessible by the common man. This Open Network initiative has been intended to display the various network coverage stats and details. It would show all the towers been placed, working fine, being upgraded, under maintenance or shut down for that matter!

As per the officials from Airtel, this initiative has been taken in order to promote transparency amongst the users, while it is also a platform for the common user to complain about any region not apt as the network support might be low, weak or shut for that matter. Customers can actually complain if the network is not there at all, weak or sluggish for that matter. But does it make sense to you, from any angle?

This is certainly a great initiative, but the authenticity of the data they shall be providing, is of a major concern right here. Many places that are just not apt to even pick on a single call might shows excellent coverage in the app!

This is not just incorrect, but also very frustrating, time consuming and irritating too. The makers believe in involving the common man to end this gap and offer better deals, right at the end. The data displayed, published and claimed is again highly work out, inaccurate and touched. Numerous customers have indeed formed an action against this feature as the claims are complete fraud and forged if the Open Network is concerned.

Now this is what a master game lies in, you claim to be transparent, show alerts, data and so much ,more to prove your worth and legitimacy out there to the world, but play around with it at the same time. They will love coming back to you and claiming the weak signals to be a problem, whereas they would end up giving you 10 different reasons to support the claim back, indeed.

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    Right To Spectrum 3 years ago

    It’s amazing how gullible most people are that they fall into the trap of clever advertising. Installation of towers depends on commercial viability. They won’t install a new tower for five people. They already know in which areas their network is weak, getting user feedback is nothing but drama. Good products and services advertise themselves. AVOID didn’t have any real competition until Jio came but even before that their advertising budgets kept increasing. Spending insane amounts on advertising but giving zero value to the users for their money, this is why most people hate AVOID so much.

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