5 Benefits of Setting Up Your Own Network


Spectrum is either licensed or unlicensed and it is controlled and thus regulated by the government, allowing each country to have sovereignty over the spectrums and create revenue from it. The people that can afford the licensed spectrum are telecommunication companies that look to make money off investing in equipment and infrastructure for selling a product. We, the people cannot compete with that kind of financial reserve and capability, therefore we must look towards the unlicensed spectrum.

  1. The cost and the right to use this spectrum is zero. Absolutely nothing. The unlicensed spectrum is the free spectrum and the government allows people to use it as long as their devices and methods stay between bounds set by the government regulators and do not interfere with the workings of the licensed spectrum.
  1. After an initial investment for equipment and a reserve for maintenance, the future costs of the network will be none, except when you have to upgrade equipment. The idea of having full control over the access to the free spectrum is a thrilling one. It does require investment; however the long term goal of having a resource such as the free spectrum available without regulation and exorbitant charges from using the licensed spectrum is completely worth it.
  1. You have full autonomy over your network and the quality of service. This means that you can provide yourself with as much bandwidth as you can and be in charge of the quality of service of your network.
  1. You can innovate and use new technology on the spectrum without having to obtain rights or having to buy a license to do so as long as it follows regulatory rules which have been explained earlier. There is no need of gaining permission or buying access as you can just use as many technologies the spectrum can support such as 2G, 3G or 4G. This allows start-ups, individuals, local businesses to be able to innovate without having to worry about costs and concerns about legality.
  1. With your own network spectrum, you can coexist with others around you who will benefit from the network spectrum that you set up in your neighbourhood. An entire community can own the rights to the network and it will be accessible for all. This will allow the users to maintain and take care of the network. Setting up your own network is one step ahead in revolutionizing the telecommunication industry and giving power into the hands of the people to a technology that can easily be provided to all but it isn’t due to presence and power held by corporations.

We have the power to take control of our lives and we can only do so if we help ourselves and others with us. The free spectrum allows us to create a network spectrum without interference from other parties such as the telecom industry. The opportunities and advantages are endless from using the free spectrum as it allows us to provide access to it for all kinds of people, whether they are poor or not.


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