India : All about the false and alarming 4G claims!


One of the major players in the country, when you talk about mobile connectivity, incredible plans, network that is open and so strong! Yes, you guessed it right!

We are talking about none other than the claims from Airtel, considered to be of the leading and a giant player of the telecom sector of the country. We are simply so tired of hearing all sort of large and astonishing stories from the network player, but it’s more like just meager claims, while the reality is so very different.

Trust us on this; we are certainly not talking about one particular city or a state, this is the scenario with almost every metro too. Recently there was so much of a hype created by Airtel, in terms of launching the fastest network of 4G. Claiming it to be the fastest internet networks, however the existent face is so diverse and this is distressing the various users. For the simple fact that we are completely okay with the network being tolerable, medium range and the Telecom Companies can charge us the way they offer services, sounds like a deal, right!

But the fact that the claims go really high, stirring in a level of hope and excitement amongst the users and of course hyped up prices and bulky plans, then….all of it blows off, in mere seconds!

Airtel 4G has been such an lackluster aspect that has really made millions of users put off with the company as the reality is just not even close to the claims they have been advertising for. Millions of subscribers moved up the ladder by switching their services from 3G, upgrading 4G, expecting at least some of the aspects of get better than before.

But the fact is that the users never received even the basic connectivity, that too in prime zones of the country, in broad day light and time.

Another challenge faced by the Airtel users was to justify the Ad of downloading a movie in mere three minutes! C’mon did the users ever expect or asked that from you guys, no! You guys floated out Ads, claiming and going gala over the facts and statements. But the facts are really saddening as there is nothing as such that happens for real.

Such Ads are made from really creative and high profile Ad Agencies that prove their worth and make bucks by tricking people and stirring in facts in to their emotions, juts to gain their confidence and they are not even aware what the product actually is and neither are they even bothered for that matter!

When the senior officials at Airtel had been contacted by the several media groups, they had nothing to prove their offer, but simply wrapped up saying that the services are all active, up and running, while area wise, the effect would take some time to get established again for that matter!

But the question remains answered, still that why do they claim for stuff, they can no way get even closer to!


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