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Sweden is well equipped for having a considerable market share of the spectrum. Various telecom and other technological companies offer differing innovative spectrum to increase its usage there. From time to time various regulations have been introduced and monitored based on the need. Each day, rapid expansion in usage of the Internet has been observed in Sweden.

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) strives for spectrum to be used efficiently and benefit society as well. They plan, refine, assign and supervise the use of radio transmitters in Sweden. Furthermore, we manage the Swedish frequency space and allocate radio spectrum among various service providers and areas of use.

PTS are also working to free up frequencies that can be used without a license. For example, spectrum in which wireless networks (WLAN) can be used.

Following are some of the key aspects of the spectrum and Internet facilities prevailing in Sweden:

Ease of Regulations on Spectrum for Societal Benefit

In a bid to give benefit to the society, the Swedish government has replaced the regulatory laws related to spectrum, so that people face no difficulty in its usage, thereby considerably maximizing the share in the market. In the new regulations, the complex laws related to spectrum as practiced in some other countries have been simplified so as to make it more feasible for consumers as well as innovators.

Strategies for Spectrum Management

Various strategies have been formulated to ensure the provision of cost effective strategies. The Sweden National Telecom Authority is responsible for devising such strategies, that involve cost benefit analysis of the proposed strategies along with assessing the extent of the need for spectrum services. While developing strategies, it is also taken into consideration about diversifying the functioning of the spectrum along with offering multiple services that are highly in demand and used in the target market.

The vision of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) is for everyone in Sweden to have access to good telephone, broadband and post services. To achieve this, the following has been ensured:

  • Well-functioning competition, which leads to consumers having a wide range of options and low prices.
  • Better consumer protection and well informed consumers who can make informed choices.
  • That limited resource such as frequencies and numbers are distributed in such a way that society benefits to the greatest degree possible.
  • That networks and services are reliable and safe.

PTS is a government authority under the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy, and Communications and was formed in 1992.

When granting certain licenses, PTS performs an analysis to determine whether there is cause to impose special conditions. One example is the coverage requirement applicable to one of the licenses for the 800 MHz frequency band, which stipulates that the license holder has to provide broadband coverage to households and businesses that do not currently have access to broadband. The license holder has reserved SEK 300 million for this.

Other countries should refer to Sweden’s spectrum policy and follow suit.


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