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    LISTRONG-1+6+12 wire cable twisting machine
    The wire cable twisting machine is the latest developed machine. This machine can replace the model 200 tube bunching machine with the high productivity (It is 4.5times than tube machine for the 1+6+12 conductors normal bunching)low power, small floor place, low noise and other merits.
    Fit for Wire: 19pcs of copper Wires φ0.16mm – φ0.64mm In One Time
    Stranding Section Area: 0.38-6.0mm2
    Pay Off Bobbin: φ180mm or 250mm /φ630mm
    Take Up Bobbin: φ630mm
    Can Replace: Tube Bunching Machine
    Operation Mode: Touchscreen

    Technical parameters of wire cable twisting machine:
    Equipment models 1+6+12(200bobbin) 1+6+12(630bobbin)
    Twisting usage It is applicable to bunching 19pcs copper wires in one time
    Single wire dia(mm) φ0.16-φ0.64
    Stranding section area (mm²) 0.38-6.0
    Pitch(mm) 11.6-100(34zones)
    Direction of lay Optional for right or left
    Pay off bobbin size 8inch,9inch φ630*φ125*475
    Max rotating speed 2000(4000twist) 2000(4000twist)
    Pay off type Mechanical friction Magnetic tension
    Pay off machine power 5.5KW 7.5KW
    Take up bobbin size φ630*φ125*475 φ630*φ125*475
    Pay off Inverter power 7.5KW 7.5KW
    Main motor power 7.5KW 7.5KW
    Take up inverter power 7.5KW 7.5KW
    Tension control method Touch screen+PLC+magnetic powder clutch,
    it may ensure the constant tension from empty bobbin to full bobbin
    Magnetic powder clutch 5.0kgf 5.0kgf
    Protection Machine will automatically brake when wire inside and outside is broken,
    the machine will automatically stop when the preset length is arrived.
    Brake mode Electromagnetic brake
    Traversing method Rolling ring drive units, winding pitch and breadth are adjustable
    Operation mode Touch screen operation
    Dimension(mm) 10000L*2500W*1650H 10000L*2500W*1650H

    Wire Twisting Machine